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Amy + Ryan // Houston, TX

This is the wedding film of Amy + Ryan Mullen who got married last summer in the great state of Texas. It was my first time down there and I had a wonderful time. We experienced all types of weather from cloudy overcast to rain to sunshine and humidity!

And let me tell you, they know of to party. There was an egg drop and fire breathing, two first for me at weddings.

Hints & Guesses // an interview with Alanna-Marie Boudreau

We are so very happy to be working with Alanna again on her second official music video. She is releasing her first full album in just a few weeks. So to celebrate and spread the word, we filmed an interview with her to give you a sneak peak on what the album has in store.

It’s titled “Hints & Guesses” and if you haven’t seen her first music video “I’m Sorry” go check it out!
2Q7A05312Q7A0532Storyboard_012Q7A0553More excited news coming soon, stay tuned!

Blakely + Curtis // Annapolis, MD

It’s alway’s that much more special when I get to photography or film a wedding of a couple that I’m close friends with.

Curtis and I go way back to childhood friends, growing up just down the road from each other. I got to meet Blakely a few years ago, and I couldn’t be bigger fan’s of these two. They bring out the best in each other, and put Christ at the center of it all!

Maggie + Tim // Cortland, NY

I really am speechless when it comes to try to put into words how much fun I had shooting this wedding. Maggie and Tim are perfect for each other and make an awesome couple. I know there are special things in their future.

It was a beautiful day in upstate NY; I could not have asked for a better day to take photos. After the ceremony we went to Maggie’s house to take photos in her back yard. After that we went straight into the reception underneath a big white tent which also took place on their property.

The wedding took place in Cortland, NY where Maggie and her family are from.

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2Q7A6652 copy2Q7A6697This was the highlight of the day for me. Getting to see Tim’s face as he saw Maggie walk down along side her father. So special, literally brought chills to my skin. I would shoot this wedding all over again just to take this frame below again.

2Q7A67082Q7A6716 copy2Q7A67322Q7A67462Q7A67702Q7A68472Q7A68622Q7A68562Q7A69152Q7A69402Q7A69502Q7A70772Q7A71342Q7A71192Q7A71552Q7A72002Q7A72232Q7A72382Q7A72662Q7A72962Q7A73102Q7A7327 copy2Q7A73592Q7A73662Q7A74462Q7A74752Q7A75132Q7A75262Q7A75352Q7A75492Q7A76072Q7A76372Q7A76302Q7A75702Q7A76752Q7A7737 copy2Q7A7799 copy2Q7A7803 copy2Q7A7861 copy2Q7A79082Q7A7917 copy2Q7A8006 copy2Q7A8053 copy2Q7A79432Q7A79642Q7A81002Q7A8117IMG_54972Q7A8426IMG_6011 copyIMG_5648IMG_5704IMG_5717IMG_5796IMG_5857IMG_5888IMG_5899IMG_5923IMG_6028IMG_6070This was my other favorite part of the day. Getting to see Maggie dance with her father as her sister Alanna-Marie sang “Father’s Song“. A song she wrote and recorded on her first album “Hands in the Land”. It was so special for me because I’m a big fan of her music and it really hit home for me.  

Here’s the music video I filmed and produced for her // I’m Sorry.

IMG_6091IMG_6114 copyIMG_6133IMG_6138IMG_5949 copyIMG_61802Q7A87002Q7A87032Q7A87192Q7A87282Q7A86252Q7A87532Q7A86612Q7A88292Q7A88482Q7A88272Q7A88662Q7A88842Q7A85122Q7A89192Q7A90082Q7A90212Q7A90292Q7A89662Q7A91442Q7A91022Q7A90902Q7A91242Q7A9154After the day was over and they drove off into the country side, I couldn’t have become bigger fan’s of these two and their families. This is why I love what I do. For these moments, getting to document one of the biggest day’s of a couples life.


Jen M&M - What FABULOUS pictures of a beautiful couple on a sacred day in their lives!!!

Gloria Boudreau - These photographs are spectacular. You have captured the images of a beautiful wedding. I,Maggie’s paternal grandmother, was there and these photos bring back all the lovely memories. You have done a magnificent job. Thank you very much.