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Ann + Sean // State Circle

It’s been really fun to shoot several engagement shoots in the last week. What makes it more special is their couples that I’m photographing their wedding in the next year! Photography has been good for me to not only capture the moments in peoples lives but also to stay connected to friends even if they live far away. Being able to photograph them, brings us together. I love that!

Ann + Sean are friends for college and their getting married next April. I photographer their engagement session around State Circle in downtown Annapolis. I’ve been wanting to shoot here for awhile and I’m glad I finally got the opportunity. Enjoy!2Q7A3124 copy2Q7A32302Q7A3223 copy2Q7A3312 copy2Q7A33872Q7A3432 copy2Q7A34722Q7A34812Q7A3502 copy2Q7A35362Q7A35442Q7A3566 copy2Q7A6269

Amy + Ryan // Houston, TX

This is the wedding film of Amy + Ryan Mullen who got married last summer in the great state of Texas. It was my first time down there and I had a wonderful time. We experienced all types of weather from cloudy overcast to rain to sunshine and humidity!

And let me tell you, they know of to party. There was an egg drop and fire breathing, two first for me at weddings.

Hints & Guesses // an interview with Alanna-Marie Boudreau

We are so very happy to be working with Alanna again on her second official music video. She is releasing her first full album in just a few weeks. So to celebrate and spread the word, we filmed an interview with her to give you a sneak peak on what the album has in store.

It’s titled “Hints & Guesses” and if you haven’t seen her first music video “I’m Sorry” go check it out!
2Q7A05312Q7A0532Storyboard_012Q7A0553More excited news coming soon, stay tuned!

Blakely + Curtis // Annapolis, MD

It’s alway’s that much more special when I get to photography or film a wedding of a couple that I’m close friends with.

Curtis and I go way back to childhood friends, growing up just down the road from each other. I got to meet Blakely a few years ago, and I couldn’t be bigger fan’s of these two. They bring out the best in each other, and put Christ at the center of it all!