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Patrick Mahon // Allegheny

I’ve worked with several musicians that I know personally. Most are friends who I’ve grown to love their music, not only because I like their genre but theirs a personal connection that adds to listening to their work. Every time I get to be involved with the pre-releasing of an album their something special that happens. I get to see the behind the scenes of the making of the album and experience the thought process of a musician before the physical music is made. It’s a very special time and I cherish it.

I worked with Patrick Mahon on a short video that he’s using for his kickstarter campaign. He’s making a 6 song EP titled Allegheny, he’s super talented! Support him by funding his kickstarte and make this EP a reality.


San Francisco + Yosemite

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to California for work. During my time out there I like to take a couple days to travel to new places.

After shooting Julia + Char’s wedding in Santa Barbara, Hannah and I went up to San Francisco for a few days and then to Yosemite before heading back to the East Coast.

I went to Alcatraz for the first time, totally recommend it. Yosemite was a blast too, I need to get back there soon.

Here’s some frames from my travels: