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Lisa + Connor // Covington, KY

On September 5th, 2015 Lisa and Connor two good friends of ours tied the knot in Covington, KY. It was a very special day for us because only a month earlier my wife and I got married in the exact same church. It brought back some many wonderful memories and helped us re-live our wedding day, it was just that much more special that we got to capture the day for close friends of ours. Lisa and Connor got married at the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption. We then took the two of them and went to Devou Park for photos before going to the Garden of Park Hills for the reception. Thanks again Lisa and Connor for letting us witness your commitment to each other, it was an honor.

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Congratulations Lisa and Connor! 

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Sarah Beth + Jon

It’s so fun that at this stage of my life I get to capture so many of my closest friend’s love stories. My cousin Jon and his fiancé Sarah Beth being one of them. We started downtown and then went over the Navy Bridge for the second part of their engagement session. I love these two, so excited for their wedding this spring!

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Lisa + Connor // Devou Park, KY

I wanted to share with you some photos from Lisa and Connor’s Engagement Session at Devou Park in Northern Kentucky. These two are very good friends of ours and their getting married tomorrow! I’m so excited to witness these two commit to spending the rest of their life’s together. There’s something special about seeing two close friends make this commitment and being about to be there to experience their love for one another.

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Mary // State Circle + MD Ave.

Here are some portrait shots of Mary on and around State Circle and Maryland Ave. downtown. The State House is always a good backdrop for photos. Mary is a very talented musician and goes to Art School in Boston. might recognize Mary because her sister is Erin who I photographer her engagement session about a month ago, here’s their photos just incase if you missed it.

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