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Patrick Mahon // Allegheny

I’ve worked with several musicians that I know personally. Most are friends who I’ve grown to love their music, not only because I like their genre but theirs a personal connection that adds to listening to their work. Every time I get to be involved with the pre-releasing of an album their something special that happens. I get to see the behind the scenes of the making of the album and experience the thought process of a musician before the physical music is made. It’s a very special time and I cherish it.

I worked with Patrick Mahon on a short video that he’s using for his kickstarter campaign. He’s making a 6 song EP titled Allegheny, he’s super talented! Support him by funding his kickstarte and make this EP a reality.


San Francisco + Yosemite

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to California for work. During my time out there I like to take a couple days to travel to new places.

After shooting Julia + Char’s wedding in Santa Barbara, Hannah and I went up to San Francisco for a few days and then to Yosemite before heading back to the East Coast.

I went to Alcatraz for the first time, totally recommend it. Yosemite was a blast too, I need to get back there soon.

Here’s some frames from my travels:


Beth + Joe // Bristol, VA

I drove down to Northern Virginia right before this past Christmas to photograph the wedding of two friends of mine. Beth and Joe met in college and have both settled down outside of DC.

I was expecting a very cold frigid day, but we definitely lucked out! The temperature was as warm as it could be for mid-December. We took bridal photos at a old battle field in the area, and we got some great light. Take a look at the photos below, I couldn’t stop talking about how great the light was. As the sun was setting a burst a cold air came, even though you can’t really tell in the photos.

2Q7A70512Q7A71672Q7A72452Q7A7273 copy2Q7A72842Q7A6995 copy2Q7A75462Q7A75682Q7A76352Q7A76522Q7A76922Q7A77582Q7A77722Q7A77982Q7A78992Q7A79402Q7A79632Q7A79832Q7A80082Q7A80202Q7A80432Q7A80622Q7A8108 copy2Q7A81422Q7A81492Q7A8203 copy2Q7A84322Q7A84482Q7A85722Q7A86222Q7A86672Q7A86882Q7A86982Q7A87312Q7A88002Q7A88892Q7A89122Q7A89182Q7A89412Q7A89702Q7A89952Q7A90382Q7A90592Q7A91072Q7A91602Q7A92102Q7A92342Q7A92922Q7A9326

The night was capped-off with some Irish dancing, you don’t see that every wedding!

Mallory + Adam // Greenbury Point

Mal + Adam are friends from college. They came down to Annapolis for the weekend and we went to Greenbury Point for their engagement session. The forcast project an overcast with rain, but that didn’t stop up from going out and taking some photos. As it got a little later the clouds parted and it cleared up! We were getting towards the end of our shoot when the sun really came out and we got some great shots underneath an old electric tower.

2Q7A00142Q7A0051 copy2Q7A01252Q7A00262Q7A01752Q7A02022Q7A02382Q7A04132Q7A04192Q7A04982Q7A05332Q7A06122Q7A06492Q7A06832Q7A07012Q7A07082Q7A07092Q7A07142Q7A07382Q7A07702Q7A08042Q7A08102Q7A08432Q7A08842Q7A0921 copy2Q7A97152Q7A97492Q7A97972Q7A98162Q7A98302Q7A98952Q7A9925

Julia + Char // Santa Barbara, CA

Here’s a back to back post for Julia + Char. After knowing these two for quit sometime and getting to shoot their engagement session, I was more then ready to have the honor to photograph their wedding! Not only that but in one of the prettiest places in December, Santa Barbara California!

The ceremony and reception were held at El Mirador Estate. This place is a photographers dream. With a backdrop as incredible as this one, it was hard to take a bad photo.

With Julia and Char both being wedding photographers, they had the day planned out so smoothly. Julia and the ladies got ready not too far away from the estate while Char and the guys got ready at his families house. They had their first look a couple hours before the ceremony to give plenty of time for photos of them, their bridal party and family.

The large trees and plants that cover the estate gave just the right amount of day light.

The day was not complete without some Chick-fil-A at the reception. This is a day I will never forget!

2Q7A16882Q7A17242Q7A17382Q7A17602Q7A18692Q7A19912Q7A19932Q7A20072Q7A20352Q7A20492Q7A20892Q7A20962Q7A21592Q7A2218IMG_97802Q7A2368 copy2Q7A25112Q7A2552 copy2Q7A25772Q7A26582Q7A27182Q7A27252Q7A27422Q7A2779 copy2Q7A28532Q7A29122Q7A29402Q7A29602Q7A30092Q7A31332Q7A32482Q7A32822Q7A33302Q7A3353 copy2Q7A33722Q7A35132Q7A35242Q7A35502Q7A35812Q7A36092Q7A36752Q7A37092Q7A37532Q7A37822Q7A38262Q7A39122Q7A40212Q7A41282Q7A42092Q7A4231 copy2Q7A4299 copy2Q7A43262Q7A43442Q7A4409 copy2Q7A4445 copy2Q7A45042Q7A45642Q7A45832Q7A46042Q7A46822Q7A46982Q7A47332Q7A47472Q7A47572Q7A47692Q7A47992Q7A48202Q7A48642Q7A4877 copy2Q7A48982Q7A49742Q7A50722Q7A5207 copy2Q7A52822Q7A5312 copy2Q7A53402Q7A5366 copy2Q7A5373 copy2Q7A54262Q7A54542Q7A54662Q7A54702Q7A54852Q7A55092Q7A55372Q7A55632Q7A55832Q7A55912Q7A56022Q7A56072Q7A56082Q7A57232Q7A5752Byron, what a legend.2Q7A57572Q7A62402Q7A57822Q7A5889Chick-fil-a SEA, it’s coming…2Q7A60702Q7A60902Q7A6279