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Alanna + Kevin // Cortland, NY

I had the pleasure of photography Alanna and Kevin’s wedding towards the end of the summer in upstate New York. Alanna and I have worked closely on several creative projects in the past and I photographer her sister’s wedding a couple years ago. I feel like part of the family now. The wedding ceremony was at St. Mary’s Church in Cortland, NY followed by the reception at Alanna’s families house. The reception was set to the side of the house with a open layout, several tents around the dance floor in the center. There was call for rain fall all throughout the day. With only a few small showers here and there the rain held off right up to the moment Alanna and Kevin left the reception. I think it was fitting that moments before they left, everyone gathered on the dance floor to sing: “There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do, I bless the rains down in Africa…”

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NYC // Hawaii

I wanted to share some travel photos from the past month. The photos below are from a weekend trip to NYC with Hannah for our one yr. anniversary and a trip to Hawaii for a video promotional project I’m working on. Hope everyone’s having a good Tuesday!

NYC // Brooklyn