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Fredericksburg, TX

Hannah and I took a trip down to Texas for a weekend to get a little break and enjoy some quality time with friends. We spent most of our time right outside Fredericksburg, TX a small town an hour outside San Antonio with German influence. We had great food, rode horses, raced go-carts and danced a the one and only Luckenbach!

I took along my Mark III with a 4omm pancake lens. I like bringing the pancake lens on personal trips because it’s not super bulky and I can get some pretty good results with it. Not only that but the 40mm is pretty versital between portrait and landscape shots. When I go on a trip like this I don’t to overthink my camera gear and when I just bring one lens it helps simplify things for me.

2Q7A46162Q7A46292Q7A46492Q7A47522Q7A47702Q7A48142Q7A48242Q7A48492Q7A48582Q7A49102Q7A49142Q7A49192Q7A49302Q7A49322Q7A49362Q7A49382Q7A49632Q7A49762Q7A49862Q7A49872Q7A49902Q7A51172Q7A51572Q7A51992Q7A52192Q7A52472Q7A52512Q7A52912Q7A53432Q7A53872Q7A55172Q7A55552Q7A55902Q7A57822Q7A5784We couldn’t leave San Antonio without stopping at Local Coffee, fresh brew!

Jessica + Victor // Rockford, IL

A wedding film we shot this past summer in Rockford, Il. We’re excited to share a couple more films very soon. Stay tuned!

Music Licensed // www.themusicbed.com

Landon Austin
Ready For Anything // Instrumental

Filmed and Produced // www.drawntotheimage.com

Lisa + Connor // Covington, KY

On September 5th, 2015 Lisa and Connor two good friends of ours tied the knot in Covington, KY. It was a very special day for us because only a month earlier my wife and I got married in the exact same church. It brought back some many wonderful memories and helped us re-live our wedding day, it was just that much more special that we got to capture the day for close friends of ours. Lisa and Connor got married at the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption. We then took the two of them and went to Devou Park for photos before going to the Garden of Park Hills for the reception. Thanks again Lisa and Connor for letting us witness your commitment to each other, it was an honor.

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Congratulations Lisa and Connor! 

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