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Mary + Jan-Michael // Tappan Lake

I went to Tappan Lake in Ohio for another engagement shoot a few weeks ago. Both times I went towards the end of Fall, when most of the leafs are changing colors. It was a cold and rainy day but we made the best of it!

I’m really excited about shooting Mary and Jan-Michael’s wedding next summer. The weather will be a little bit better, but I’m expecting the same excitement and joy as these two felt during their engagement session.

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Ana // Senior Portraits

Here’s some senior photos I took of my sister Ana. We did them on a beautiful Ohio afternoon before all the leafs fell from the trees.

While I was taking her photos it hit me how quickly she’s grown up. I was looking through my camera lens and realized she’s not this elementary student anymore. She’s a senior in high school going to college next year, how quickly time goes by if we don’t take time slow down and take everything in.

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Joseph // Planets

Several months back I had the idea to emailing this band called Joseph.

They are three sisters from the Pacific Northwest who decided to form a group and sing music. I randomly stumbled across their music about a year ago and could not stop listening to them. They did a tour across the country performing at houses, but unfortunately none of the dates worked out for me to go. So one day I decided to shoot them an email to see if I could host my own house concert!

I am so glad it all worked out, we had such a blast! Below is a video from the concert, it’s a new song their working on titled: Planets.
Joseph_01Joseph_02Joseph_03Joseph_04Here’s some frames from the concert.2Q7A86912Q7A87102Q7A87272Q7A87312Q7A8737

Ann + Sean // State Circle

It’s been really fun to shoot several engagement shoots in the last week. What makes it more special is their couples that I’m photographing their wedding in the next year! Photography has been good for me to not only capture the moments in peoples lives but also to stay connected to friends even if they live far away. Being able to photograph them, brings us together. I love that!

Ann + Sean are friends for college and their getting married next April. I photographer their engagement session around State Circle in downtown Annapolis. I’ve been wanting to shoot here for awhile and I’m glad I finally got the opportunity. Enjoy!

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Amy + Ryan // Houston, TX

This is the wedding film of Amy + Ryan Mullen who got married last summer in the great state of Texas. It was my first time down there and I had a wonderful time. We experienced all types of weather from cloudy overcast to rain to sunshine and humidity!

And let me tell you, they know of to party. There was an egg drop and fire breathing, two first for me at weddings.